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08/04/2008 10:49

Starbiztech finally launched on 07/30/2008. 

Aidforce focuses on individual needs, It spreads the news of the needy among hundreds and thousands of people and helps them get the right aid at the right time.

Aidforce is a web application that uses new and latest technology that allows you to submit information that will be reviewed by all and be promoted and shared among hunderds of people, based on the popularity to the main page. When a user submits a need it will be placed in the "unpublished" area until it gains sufficient help votes to be promoted to the main page.
 This is more than just a web based system; it connects donors, voluntary organizations, individuals and charity networks.
 This system focuses on many categories and try to help everyone , the main categories includes children and youth, hurricane, health and disease, disaster, child education, environment, elder care, poverty, disaster relief, charities, animals, arts and culture, women, substance abuse, sports and rec, oversease aid, hungry and powerty, homeless, disabled and many more categories will be added depending on the need.

By making donation to AidForce, you are helping us to develop and share new technologies with donors and non-profits and individuals aounrd the world.
This tool will help to share the need and touch millions of lives. so donate now and help aidforce get tthe right aid to the right individual and solve there needs.

Each and every news can be shared using new technologies and share the news among social networks, using RSS feeds, blogs, and get the donations for the right people.


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