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Starbiztech is owned and operated by Kantesh Siddiah. Kantesh Siddiah possesses fifteen years of industry experience in information technology. In that time, he has consulted and worked with some of the largest corporations, many smaller ones, and more than a few non-profits.

Kantesh’s broad IT experience includes Web site development, Web site promotion, search engine optimization, project management, asset management, networking, help desk administration, application training, blog training, feeds training, web guidance,documentation, and end-user support.

As needed, Kantesh involves other top-notch people with whom he has on-going professional relationships to provide their skills in Outsourcing, web promotion, web marketing, graphics design, nitty-gritty programming, and other areas.
Kantesh has a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Bangalore Institute of Technology and Diploma in Import Export Management from National Institute of Foreign Trade, India.

That background, plus his years of experience, make him uniquely suited to provide top-quality web applications to small business owners that help meet the needs of their businesses.

At Starbiztech, we continually research and test internet technologies to provide businesses with better internet solutions. This allows us to provide top-quality solutions to our customers using industry leading applications and technologies like osCommerce, asp.net, php

Nothing is more important to us than the relationships we build with the people who rely on our knowledge and experience.

Starbiztech Products has been listed under KillerStartups and also Starbiztech is working on total project managment for one of his clients outsourcing medical product.





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We have a hit record of 15,000 users registered during the first few months of our uwannadeal launch.

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